Sunday, May 18, 2008

Utah trip

Here is our Utah vacation by the numbers. We had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to everyone for making our trip such a success.

2 delays in the airport for a total of about 5 hours. ( I guess higher oil prices means more delays?)
2 weddings (Dale and Bruce both married well above themselves, welcome to Brittany and Jillian)
1 baptism (just as special as the weddings for our family)
1 baby blessing (It was great to see old friends and catch up)
18 holes of golf
3 naps in one week for Robert- a record (Working in New York has nothing on vacationing in Utah)
0 number of hours that were unplanned
10 miles ran
4 number of games of baseball that Alli, Spencer and Robert played behind Grandma and Grandpa Thorpe's house.
1 number of times that Jen ran with Robert (That probably makes about 5 times that we have run together since we have been married).
2 number os weeks that make the ideal Utah vacation (maybe next time)


The Naylors said...

Hey Majors family - long time, no see. It is Holly (oh and Richard) I saw your name on Annalisa's blog. Your cute family has grown since we saw you last. Hope everything is going well :)

Amy said...

It was soooo great to see your family again! I hope you are still doing well and recovered from your trip. Keep in touch. :)

Julie said...

You know, it sounds like you had plenty of time to just hang around while you were here! You should have called me! But really, next time, call me and lets all get together! I finally have a blog now so check it out if you want!

Amy said...

Whhhheeerrreee arrrrreeeee uuuuuuuuuuu????

Oh yeah, just a phone call away. My bad.

Buckeye Bergs said...

Okay like I totally need to know what has been going on in your life. Duh, I can't guess. And I need tips to stay in shape, seems like you have that down.
I dare you to make a new entry...

sweetieabbott said...

Where are you guys? I want to know what you are all up to. Love you guys!

AJ said...

Hey! Good to see you have a blog. Maybe we can use it to keep in touch. We're a little late starting, but better late than never!

Amy said...

Miss you too!! I'll call soon!

Amy said...

Hey, John Curtis says "Hi!" We say hi too and hope you are doing well!